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Sep 27, 2012

Treating Compliance Fairly: Is Compliance Being Asked To Achieve The Impossible?


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An article by London partner Barney Reynolds, Head of Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory, "Treating compliance fairly: is compliance being asked to achieve the impossible?." was published on Friday September 28 by Thomson Reuters Accelus.

The article discusses ways to prevent the compliance function from falling short in the face of an ever-growing responsibility and offers some useful tips. It has been recognized that compliance officers are being held out by some as the solution to many of the current shortcomings in the regulated financial sector. Numerous initiatives since the financial crisis have focused on reforming the compliance function, to the point where compliance officers now need to be part-banker, part-lawyer, part-economist, part-policeman, part-moral philosopher, and no doubt many other paragons besides. Businesses have complex issues to address to ensure an adequate compliance function in the current regulatory environment.

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