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Oct 01, 2012

2012 Corporate Governance Surveys of the 100 Largest US Public Companies


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The 10th Anniversary Edition of Shearman & Sterling’s Annual Survey of Selected Corporate Governance Practices of the Largest US Public Companies provides in-depth analyses of practices and trends impacting corporate governance, including key compensation issues, and sheds light on how leading companies are addressing important governance issues in the current environment. As in past years, the surveys are covering the following areas: Board Governance Practices, General Corporate Practices, Executive Compensation and Director Compensation, among other relevant corporate governance issues.

In our Board Governance Practice Survey, we highlight trends in policies and practices of the Top 100 Companies relating to the composition and structure of their boards of directors, including with respect to the independence of directors, majority voting in the election of directors, board leadership and board committees. In our General Corporate Governance Practices Survey, we identify trends in the governance practices of the Top 100 Companies that apply more broadly including in risk oversight policies, structural defenses and shareholder and management proposals.

In our Executive Compensation Survey, we focus on how pay practices are developing in light of mandatory “say on pay” requirements and disclosure practices regarding the relationship of compensation to risk. Our Director Compensation Survey discusses trends in non-employee director compensation practices over the past decade.

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