Sep 24, 2014

Cook’s The Law of Nuclear Energy Praised in Leading Journal




Washington, DC associate Helen Cook has been praised for her book, The Law of Nuclear Energy, which has been published by Sweet & Maxwell.

Cook and partner George Borovas, who served as an editor of the book, are part of Shearman & Sterling’s leading Global Nuclear Group, which focuses on procurement, construction and financing for nuclear new build and provides nuclear industry advice on international nuclear law, nuclear liability and nuclear trade issues.

Writing in the International Energy Law Review, Dr. Tim Stephens, an associate professor at The University of Sydney, called Cook’s book “the most comprehensive currently available handbook on the law relating to nuclear energy as it has been developed in the United States, the European Union, and internationally.” The “expertly researched and written” book is “likely to be of enormous value for industry, for legal advisors, and government regulators as an up-to-date manual for nuclear power plant development, design, financing and construction,” Dr. Stephens wrote.

“Given the urgent need to respond to the unfolding crisis of global warming, there is a strong likelihood that there will be a sustained renaissance in nuclear energy, despite the movement by some states (including Japan and Germany) to dismantle existing nuclear power infrastructure,” wrote Dr. Stephens. “This makes a work such as Cook’s all the more important.”