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Mar 24, 2015

Forrester, Freedman and Lamb Article on Yieldcos


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Partners Christopher Forrester (Menlo Park-Capital Markets) and Robert Freedman (New York-Project Development & Finance) and associate Monica Lamb (New York-Project Development & Finance) co-authored an article, “Low Cost Equity Gets Differing Solutions,” published by Project Finance International on February 25.

The article focuses on the increasing use of the yieldco as a significant financing source for project portfolios. Despite the current popularity of yieldcos, the authors note they may eventually be eclipsed by alternative sources of financing. “While the yieldco will remain an appealing option for strong sponsors with recognised track records and identifiable pipelines of future projects,” the authors maintain, “they and other sponsors have a growing range of alternative financing strategies available to them, at least for as long as interest rates remain stable.”

Read the article by Forrester, Freedman and Lamb in Project Finance International.

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