January 07, 2013

Greater Protection for CO2 Emission Allowances’ Purchasers/Plus de Protection pour Les Acheteurs de Quotas


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On January 7, 2013, Les Echos, the leading French daily business newspaper, published an article entitled “Plus de protection pour les acheteurs de quotas” ("Greater protection for CO2 emission allowances’ purchasers") quoting Hervé Letréguilly (Partner, Paris) and Armelle Sandrin-Deforge (Associate, Paris). The article discusses the current revision of the MiFID 2 directive (the European directive on financial instruments markets) and its consequences for CO2 emission allowances’ purchasers, through the expected official recognition of CO2 quotas as “financial instruments.”

Authors and Contributors

Hervé Letréguilly



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+33 1 53 89 71 30