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January 27, 2022

Innovative ways to deploy Carbon Capture & Storage


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Innovative ways to deploy Carbon Capture & Storage

Energy companies across the value chain are exploring innovative and cost effective ways of decarbonizing our world, often by pairing different forms of power production or industrial processes with carbon capture and storage (CCS).  Pairing offshore wind with CCS is on the cutting end of that. But even staying on shore, natural gas producers have opportunities to capture and store CO2 from wellhead gas streams.  The opportunities to innovate span the gamut.  It's the willingness to push the envelope to find solutions - and ones that deliver a return on investment - that makes the energy industry such a great driver of progress.   

I have been exploring the potential for pairing wind turbines with technology that captures carbon dioxide directly from the air and stores it in natural reservoirs under the ocean. Built together, these technologies could reduce the energy costs of carbon capture and minimize the need for onshore pipelines, reducing impacts on the environment.