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Event Jun 02 - Jul 02, 2020

Global Spotlight Series. Navigating the ‘New Normal’ from a Legal Perspective

  • Zoom Webinar Series

With partners collaborating across different regions, this webinar series provides a snapshot of the latest legal perspectives. The series will explore how specific regions and sectors are impacted by the rapid legal and commercial changes, as well as the potential consequences faced by companies and financial institutions globally.

The panel of experts will discuss the complex legal risks and issues they have observed and provide insights for business leaders to consider as they plan for the future ahead. Supporting our clients wherever they do business means we combine global perspectives with local insights to help them navigate the changing legal landscape of today, whilst preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Upcoming Webinars

Legal Spotlight on The GCC. Shifting Sands . . . But Leading Where?

Date: 2 June

Time: 12:00–12:45 BST

Speakers: Marwan Elaraby

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Legal Spotlight on US Class Action

Date: 10 June

Time: 3:30–4:15 BST

Moderators: Susanna Charlwood

PanellistsAdam Hakki

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Legal Spotlight on Germany 

Date: 18 June

Time: 12:30–1:15 BST

Panellists: Georg Thoma, Thomas König, Annette Petow & James Webber

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Legal Spotlight on Mining

Date: 22 June

Time: 2:30–3:15 BST

Speakers: Cynthia Urda KassisAnthony LepereMarwa Elborai & Paula Anderson

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Legal Spotlight on Renewables

Date: 2 July

Time: 3:30–4:15 BST

Moderators: Susanna Charlwood

Panellists: Sanja Udovicic, Robert FreedmanAlex Padres

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