Shearman And Sterling

News November 04, 2015

New ‘Making History’ Video Examines Firm’s Leadership Role in Automotive Industry

Shearman & Sterling’s newest installment to its “Making History” video series examines the firm’s decades-old support for leading automakers around the world.

The 18-minute video traces Shearman & Sterling’s early automotive industry work back to the 1950s and the firm’s important work on Ford’s IPO and then follows the firm’s continuing relationship with Ford, as well as equally compelling and important work over the years for Chrysler, Daimler, Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover.

Among the highlights of the video are insights into the Ford IPO, an examination of Chrysler’s financial challenges in 1979-80, work for Daimler on the Chrysler merger and later sale, broad service to Toyota on several fronts and recent work on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover.

This is the third in the firm’s “Making History” series. Previous videos looked at the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Latin American Debt Crisis.