Shearman And Sterling

News December 18, 2017

Moldowan Featured in ‘Voice of Experience’ Profile on The Glass Hammer

Counsel Gillian Emmett Moldowan (New York-Compensation, Governance & ERISA) was featured as a “Voice of Experience” on The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business.

Moldowan finds that taking control of your own career is critical, a theme that has resonated on her own journey. “If you don’t ask for what you want, you’re not likely to get it,” she says. She mentions that she has appreciated the strong, visible female leadership at Shearman & Sterling, where female partners hold key firm committee positions and regularly participate on panels as subject matter experts in all types of topics, not just those related to women. She enjoys the variety inherent in her role in the Compensation, Governance & ERISA practice. “The constant challenges keep me excited and on my toes, which is why I picked this specialty in the first place.” 

Moldowan also discusses achieving the integration of a work-life balance from a more holistic view and encourages others in the profession to find something they love to do. “If you love our job like I do, it’s part of your life, which makes it hard to box it separately and focus exclusively on your most immediate goals—instead you look at the long-term big picture,” she says. 

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