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August 28, 2020

Shearman & Sterling Discusses Human Rights at Sea with Law360


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In a recent Law360 article, Shearman & Sterling’s attorneys discuss the current situation of human rights at sea and the firm’s recent partnership with UK-based charity Human Rights at Sea that is aimed at facilitating the redress of human rights abuses through international arbitration. This ground-breaking initiative, which has attracted massive interest from human rights and arbitration circles worldwide, was launched with the goal to bring justice and the rule of law to people and to spaces that may not otherwise have sufficient access to them, such as seafarers, fishers, migrants, refugees and others working or living in the littoral and maritime space globally. Stakeholders active or directly interested in maritime commerce – including flag States, port and coastal States and businesses – will be asked to provide open offers of consent to arbitrate human rights disputes.  These offers could then be accepted by any party alleging a human rights abuse by the offeror, through the aggrieved party’s filing of an arbitration claim.

For any questions or for more information on this initiative, please contact:

Alex Marcopoulos, Counsel, International Arbitration, Shearman & Sterlin 
David Hammond, Esq., CEO, Human Rights at Sea

Read “Arbitration Could Resolve 'Disaster' Of Human Rights At Sea” on Law360.

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