The Special Economic Zone and Regulatory and Legislative Drafting group advises governments and private developers on the conception, design and implementation of bespoke regulatory frameworks designed to attract foreign and domestic investment. The group specializes in:

  • Special Economic Zones
  • Financial Centers
  • Free Trade Zones
  • Free Ports
  • Bonded Logistics Parks
  • Urban Enterprise Zones

We are widely recognized as the world’s leading firm in this space, with unmatched global experience advising on zones in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

A Dedicated Team with Global Expertise

Our core team comprises experts in special economic zones and international development projects, along with experienced constitutional experts and legislative/regulatory draftsmen. This team works with a multi-disciplinary group of expert lawyers and industry specialists from across the firm to leverage and hone the practical skills and insight of our leading legal practice and advise on sector-specific requirements.

A Full Service Offering

Establishing a new zone is a highly sophisticated undertaking, and no two projects are alike. Our experience and expertise allows us to advise our clients through each stage of the process. This can include:

  • Analysis of the legal framework of the host jurisdiction and designing tailored constitutional solutions;
  • Sophisticated benchmarking analysis of comparators in jurisdictions around the world, either on a topic-by-topic or holistic basis;
  • Conducting legal and political consultation with stakeholders in the host jurisdiction and commercial consultation with prospective investors to identify “success factors” for an attractive regime;
  • Drafting resulting regulations and other legal materials, based on client needs and best-in-class legal developments and ensuring a cutting edge and responsive environment;
  • Guiding zones in the establishment of administrative and judicial institutions, including taking a role in the recruitment of globally recognized personnel, to ensure the host jurisdiction’s objectives are met.

World-Class Project Management

Successful new zones are invariably based on a robust legal framework. The most successful projects have clearly established legal underpinnings from the beginning, with additional workstreams—local counsel, project managers, consultants, accountants and other experts—feeding into that framework. Our experienced legal project management team employs the latest tools in AI and other technological innovations to ensure a seamless, effective, efficient and well-managed process and client experience.