We have extensive experience advising clients on the implementation and impact of the Dodd-Frank Act from both a domestic perspective as well as the extraterritorial reach of the legislation.

The specifics and interrelationship of the several titles of the Dodd-Frank Act are complex and can be daunting to institutions trying to determine how to implement changes to their businesses to comply with requirements that often have not yet been explained by regulators.

Some of the major topics that Dodd-Frank addresses include the Volcker Rule, the introduction of comprehensive regulation of swaps, and major changes to the existing regulatory regimes for securities and banking businesses. The Dodd-Frank Act also implements the U.S. legislative response to the financial crisis, building on measures agreed internationally at the G20 and developed further by the Financial Stability Board and Basel III.

We have used and will continue to use our extensive knowledge of prior reforms to assist clients in navigating the financial reforms implemented by the new administration. With an intimate knowledge of our clients’ concerns, we help them understand the implications of financial reforms on their domestic and global businesses. We also actively monitor financial reform developments to help our clients stay informed and up to date.