Event March 01, 2018

Shearman & Sterling Conference: The State of International Arbitration in US Courts in 2017

  • Washington DC

Shearman & Sterling, in cooperation with the USCIB / ICC USA and George Washington University Law School, hosted its inaugural annual conference on “The State of International Arbitration in U.S. Courts.”  The conference provided a retrospective analysis of significant decisions by U.S. federal courts in the past calendar year relating to international arbitration and the Federal Arbitration Act.  The conference took place on March 1, 2018 at The George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC.  Speakers included Shearman & Sterling International Arbitration lawyers Jonathan Greenblatt, Christopher Ryan, Henry Weisburg, David Earnest and Sasha Filippova; Professor Steve Charnovitz (The George Washington University Law School); Professor Julian Mortenson (University of Michigan Law School); and Professor Catherine A. Rogers (Penn State Law).