Nachrichten December 10, 2018

Anna Guillard Sazhko Appointed to the Board of the Ukrainian Arbitration Association

Associate Anna Guillard Sazhko (Paris-International Arbitration) was appointed to the board of the Ukrainian Arbitration Association for a period of three years, following a vote casted on November 19, 2018. Located in Kyiv, the board consists of nine arbitration practitioners from various law firms around the world, several of which, including Shearman & Sterling, conduct high-profile work for Ukraine.

The association aims to promote Ukraine and Kyiv as a seat of arbitration, build interest and knowledge of international arbitration in Ukraine and enhance communication and cooperation with practitioners worldwide. The association’s recent initiatives include forming a working group to develop rules for ad hoc arbitration in Ukraine, running an arbitration program for students and hosting conferences and seminars.

Shearman & Sterling looks forward to contributing to the development of arbitration in Ukraine.

See the Ukrainian Arbitration Association’s website.

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