Nachrichten May 29, 2019

Neoen Awarded ‘Best Financial Transaction of the Year’ for 2018 by the Club des Trente

Neoen was named “Best Financial Transaction of the Year” by the Club des Trente for its IPO on Euronext Paris. All parties involved including Shearman & Sterling were recognized for their role in this transaction.

The Club des Trente, a group of financial directors from leading French companies, rewarded the "creativity and risk-taking, well understood and mastered" by recognizing Worldline and Neoen as the best two transactions in 2018, the first in the Mergers & Acquisitions category and the second in the Financing category.

The Club des Trente Award honors the best financial transactions of the year and all stakeholders (companies and councils). The Club seeks to show, through these awards, how finance and the financial markets can serve ambitious industrial strategies and create long-term shareholder value.

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