January 11, 2022

Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit 2021


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The 2nd Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit 2021, organized by the Sustainable Energy Council, was held on December 8-10, 2021. This virtual summit gathered over 200 industry regulators, private sector leaders, researchers, and business associations to provide clear and actionable insights into the latest projects and trends within the industry. It also addressed government policies and business strategies needed to meet the anticipated rise in hydrogen demand and tackle the hindrances in infrastructure.

Partner Jean-Louis Neves Mandelli was interviewed by the organizer to discuss why Shearman & Sterling became interested in hydrogen projects globally, comment on prevailing market trends, and share his forecasts for its future.

Jean-Louis also moderated the Summit’s “Inter Regional Hydrogen Trade: APAC Driving Forward Hydrogen Supply Chains” panel, during which the following topics were discussed:

  • What are the international stakes in Hydrogen for the decade? APAC Hydrogen outlook
  • Global hydrogen supply chains: the role of Asia’s stakeholders in supply chain integration and development
  • Identifying missing links and accountability in the global value chain for hydrogen
  • Hydrogen transportation: pipeline, road, aviation and maritime
  • Japan, China, Korea – trade policies on hydrogen production and distribution
  • Distribution routes, economics and timescales

Watch the replay of the “Inter Regional Hydrogen Trade: APAC Driving Forward Hydrogen Supply Chains” panel:



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