March 01, 2017

Sahni Authors Primer on the New NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation


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Partner Reena Sahni (New York-Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory) authored a primer on the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) cybersecurity regulation which went into effect on March 1, 2017. In the introduction to the new regulation, NYDFS indicates that cybersecurity is a priority given that “the financial services industry is a significant target of cybersecurity threats.” Banks, insurers and other financial services institutions holding a New York state license will be required to comply with the new regulation, and certain requirements must be implemented by August 28, 2017.

View the Primer on the New NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation.

This primer was originally published by Mergermarket as part of a larger report Safe Secrets: Dealing with Data Privacy Issues in M&A. 

Authors and Contributors

Reena Agrawal Sahni



+1 212 848 7324

+1 212 848 7324