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COVID-19: Accessing Government Support for Businesses 

The COVID-19 pandemic has implications for all of us. In addition to the health concerns, there is the massive economic dislocation for almost every aspect of the economy – which may continue for many months yet.

There is very little for society to gain from allowing otherwise viable and successful businesses to collapse as a result of such an extreme shock. There is a perfectly legitimate role for Governments to play in supporting business through this period.

In the EU and UK such support must comply with the State aid rules. This can be via widescale measures across the whole economy or more focused on particular sectors. The latter is highly likely to be State aid. The European Commission is ready to approve such aid but obtaining that approval quickly requires care and experience. Companies cannot rely on overstretched Governments. Lack of timely expert representation often results in delays, insufficient support or inappropriate conditions being imposed. Liability for missteps will subsist for the company concerned after the crisis.

Shearman & Sterling has one of Europe’s leading practices in State aid. If any businesses require our help in navigating the State aid process to access vital Government support please do get in touch.

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The European Commission has made the following statements relating to state aid for Covid 19:

Further general press releases from the Commission regarding Covid 19 can be found at the following link:

The U.K. Government has made the following guidance announcements which relate to support for businesses in the wake of Covid 19: